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Why Choose Physiologix?

Your doctor has referred you for Physical Therapy or Diagnostic Imaging. With so many options available, how do you know you’re making the right choice? The key to effective treatment is an accurate diagnosis, which hinges on expert assessment and appropriate investigations.


At Physiologix, our team offers something that is simply not available elsewhere: coordination of all of this under one roof. As Canada's most comprehensive full-service clinic for Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal care, Physiologix provides a streamlined yet flexible approach that optimizes outcomes.

Our Services

We are a coordinated team of multi-specialty Medical Doctors, Physical Therapy and Allied Health Services, and Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Pain Management Services. 

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Expert assessment. Timely investigation. Optimal management.

We are Canada's most comprehensive clinical ecosystem for innovative Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal care. To optimize your recovery, we lean on our values of comprehensive teams, excellent communication, and collaborative care.

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Lori P

Unbelievably wonderful experience at Physiologix. Not only was Dr. Evan Sampson professional, he really listened to the concerns I had about my torn ACL. He's expedited diagnostics and given me confidence in the possible next steps. Thank you to all the staff for helping me.

Todd W

Very professional and knowledgeable physiotherapists. Staff very kind, and will explain what needs to be done in order to help heal your ailments. If in the future I ever get injured again, I for sure will come here.

Allan G

Marce has relieved me of excruciating pain more times than I’d like to count. She is always looking out for me and keeps me informed of proper movements and exercises. Glad I found her, and so will others [be].

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