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Why Choose Physiologix?

As Canada's most comprehensive full-service clinic for Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal care, Physiologix values an efficient and individualized approach focused on optimizing outcomes for patients with Musculoskeletal and Neurological conditions.

Why Choose Physiologix for Your Patients?

As we evolve our unique multi-specialty model, we continue to develop innovative collaborative services —please take a moment to learn about several of our exciting new initiatives below. Please note this list is not exhaustive and please check back regularly for updates.

Clinical Optimizations

Optimizing outcomes requires accurate diagnosis facilitated by expert assessment, appropriate investigations, and excellence in interdisciplinary communication. Physiologix achieves this by offering the most comprehensive team of Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal specialists backed by on-site Diagnostic Imaging, Interventional Pain Management, Physical Therapy, and Allied Health Services, all coordinated under one roof.

When your patient enters Physiologix, whether by having a Diagnostic Imaging study performed, seeing a Physical Therapist, or attending a Medical Specialist appointment, the full gamut of Physiologix services can become available to them through expedited internal referrals, always acting in the patient’s best interest. 

In developing the Physiologix biopsychosocial approach to Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Medicine, we have innovated many unique programs and clinical optimizations that will help to optimize your patient’s care.

Clinical optimizations

If you have any questions about our services or would like printed requisitions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Our Unique Diagnostic Imaging Clinical Optimizations 

Physiologix offers referring providers access to images via a secure portal. Please contact us for login information.


By integrating Physical Therapy, Diagnostic Imaging, and Medical Specialists all under one roof, we offer unique Clinical Optimizations to efficiently and effectively treat our patients. Our Diagnostic Imaging team is fully integrated with our Medical Specialists and Allied Health team so patients receive more than just a test result.


Our unique Diagnostic Imaging Clinical Optimizations include:

Pain Generator Pre-Screen: For referring physicians who would like some focused assistance, a Physiologix Expert can assess the patient to help determine the best target for an injection. We will contact the patient and collect the necessary information, and arrange a brief consultation, if required, prior to the injection. 

Biomechanical and Psychosocial Assessments: Research shows that getting the best results from pain interventions requires coordinated multidisciplinary care. Our team provides in-house physical therapy and psychology assessment to patients who require injections, if requested by the referring physician. 

Clinical Correlation: Abnormal neurological and/or musculoskeletal imaging findings may require further assessment. Physiologix offers expert clinical follow-up at the referring physician’s request.

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